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*That's right, no catch, interest-free for the first 6 months of a 12 month new personal loan.
(normal establishment fee, monthly account fee applies. See
Cost Page)

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Now is a great time to get a QuickDraw Revolving Credit loan because up until 31st June 2017 you will get the first 6 months interest free on a 12 month personal loan. Why are we doing this when no other finance company makes this offer? We believe that you'll love the QuickDraw Revolving Credit account and we want you to try it. Top it up any time, no complicated expensive refinancing of the loan… simple and quick, and more cash when you need it (within your credit limit).

Get rid of those rip-off payday loans with your new QuickDraw personal loan and get extra cash whenever you need it (within your credit limit).

Has bad credit stopped you getting approved for a cash loan due to some problems you had years ago or some dispute with a phone or gym company. Relax – the Centrix Positive Credit Report shows your current payment history and gets you out of the bad credit trap.